Church Suite

We BUILD Interactive Online Platforms for Churches

Get a platform where your members can register on the church website, make donations, pay tithes and offering, contribute towards church projects, download sermons, register for church event using online forms, view upcoming church programs. As a religious organization, there are many benefits of owning a website. It goes beyond mare having static contents with pictures that stays on the web over time.
It’s about having an interactive platform that brings about administrative convenience
and growth to the church.

Here's what you will get;

Donation/Fund Raising Section

This feature enables the church to collect donations, raise funds for church projects
and serves as the channel where members of the church all over the world can make
their donations or contribute towards church projects.

SMS Notification Section

Bulk sms notifications can be sent to all members of the church at the click of a
button, directly from the back end of the school website anytime the need arises.
This is especially useful if the church needs to notify all her members of upcoming
church meetings, events or any important information.

Sermons Download Section & Live Streaming

The section of the website dedicated to uploading and storing all church sermons
where members can go and download or watch live all sermons uploaded by the

Members Online Portal

A secure dedicated section on the church website where members can register with
their names, emails, phone numbers and home addresses. This serves as a single
centralized location for storing all the information of your members. This help to
eliminate paper work and makes it easy to extract any member’s information at the
click of a button whenever the need arises.

Online Forms for collecting information from members

Reduce paper works and collect all church data using highly customizable online
forms. From church programs, to suggestions, survey, to worker’s application forms,
collect any type of data from your members using online forms directly on the
church’s website.

And Many More

Plus tons of other features that will aid learning!

Some of the Benefits You Will Get!

Benefit 1

Opportunity to reach thousands of people

Benefit 2

A medium to use technology in propagating the gospel

Benefit 3

Increased awareness about the church online

Benefit 4

Economic boost for the church

Benefit 5

Centralized location to store all member’s data

Benefit 6

Online tithe, offering and donation section through the church’s website

Benefit 5

Sermons download section; where all sermons by the church can bedownloaded/streamed live by members of the church anywhere they are.

Benefit 6

An alternative avenue to propagate the gospel to many without physical restrictions

We Us to Setup One for Your Church ? Let Talk!