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How To Use Storytelling To Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts


In this blueprint, you’ll learn how to use storytelling to enhance your content marketing efforts and boost your engagement.

The reason why we’ve chosen to cover this topic is that it’s a great way to liven up your content, and storytelling is effective as both an art and a science. We’re going to cover ways that you can use storytelling in:

  • your blog posts
  • your copywriting
  • your social media marketing

Develop A Strong Brand Narrative

In order to create a strong narrative, it’s important to understand your audience and the problem you want to solve for them.

To get started, try creating a buyer persona. A buyer persona is an example of your ideal customer and helps you focus your marketing efforts on one specific type of person.

Once you have a strong brand narrative, use that story in content creation. Storytelling makes your content more engaging and helps you connect with the reader and illustrate how your product or service can help them.

Create Helpful Content For Your Audience

Helpful content is one of the cornerstones of a good storytelling strategy. By creating content that is useful and relevant to your audience, you can encourage them to stay on your site for longer periods of time and hopefully increase their engagement with your content.

Here are some examples of helpful content:

  • Articles that offer tips for achieving a particular goal or overcoming an obstacle
  • Content that helps users learn something new
  • How-to articles about common tasks that people need assistance with

Tell Stories People Can Relate To

The next step is to figure out the best way to relate to your audience. While you don’t want to be too direct, it’s important to understand your audience and how they want to receive information before crafting a story for them. Below are some helpful hints for creating a story your audience will relate to:

  • Never underestimate how much people love personal stories. Share your successes and failures, wins and losses from previous experiences in relatable ways. Your audience will take away lessons from your stories that they can apply or use in their own lives, which helps make them more memorable.
  • Use visuals. Pictures and videos make up the content of countless social media posts every day, so why not incorporate them into your content as well? If you share one simple lesson on Twitter, but add a photo or a video of someone telling their own similar story with the same lesson, it makes that lesson much more powerful than if you had simply tweeted text alone.

Use The Right Tone In Your Content

Tone can enable you to make a powerful impact on your content. Ideally, you want your tone to be conversational, consistent and appropriate. Here are some of the other considerations that you need to make:

  • Consistency

Your tone should be consistent throughout all of the content that you produce. This is important because it is one of the ways that people recognize who is speaking and develop trust in what they’re saying.

  • Consistency with brand values

If your brand has certain values then you need to make sure your tone conveys these particular messages at all times. For example, if one of your values is being fun and playful then this needs to come out in everything you say. If another value is professionalism then this also needs to be reflected in everything that you do and say online.

  • Appropriate for audience members

The tone that you use will also depend on who it is that you are targeting with your content marketing efforts. Are they moms? Are they entrepreneurs? Are they teenagers? Make sure the tone reflects these differences as well as any others that apply for this particular audience member group. In many cases, one size does not fit all when it comes to tone, so keep a clear idea of who it is that will benefit from reading your words on a regular basis in order to create an effective strategy accordingly.

Be Authentic With Your Brand Storytelling

Now that you know what brand storytelling is, it’s time to dive into how to use it in your content. There are many ways you can utilize storytelling in your content marketing efforts.

When telling a story, authenticity is key. Don’t be afraid to show flaws and allow your audience to relate on a personal level with your brand. Your readers will appreciate the honesty and transparency.

Repurpose Your Content Into Stories

One of the best ways to use storytelling in content marketing is to turn your existing blog posts into stories.

For example, a blog post about putting together a business plan could be turned into a story about someone who wants to start a cupcake store, but has no idea what she’s doing. Each section of the post can feature different aspects of her journey and how it relates to your reader (for example: “Step 1: Developing A Mission Statement”).

Another option is to write from the perspective of an expert on your topic. For example, if you have extensive knowledge on SEO or web design, consider creating an informational series that takes readers through the process step-by-step. You could write as though you’re mentoring them through every stage including any mistakes they may encounter along the way and how they can overcome them by following your advice.

Optimize Your Content For Sharing

You can’t tell a story if people don’t read it, so make sure your content is optimized for sharing.

There are plenty of ways to do this, including:

  • Including images and videos in your content. Take advantage of the fact that these types of media can increase engagement by as much as 94% over text-only posts. Infographics are particularly popular these days in fact, they’re the most shared type of content on social media.
  • Using compelling headlines. An eye-catching headline will encourage readers to click through and share your post. You can also use a headline that speaks directly to your audience by using “you” or “your.” Headline types you might consider include curiosity headlines (think: “You Won’t Believe What These Kids Did”), “how to” headlines (as in “How To Start A Blog In 15 Minutes”) and lists (like “5 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing”).
  • Using clear CTAs. A call to action is crucial at the end of any piece to tell readers what they should do next. If you have more valuable information available on another page, invite them there with a hyperlink or button that says something like “Learn More.” If you want them to share their email address in exchange for more information, provide a link or button with instructions such as “Sign Up Here.”

Storytelling Is A Great Way For Businesses To Humanize Their Brand And Attract New Customers

To get started, consider how storytelling can be used to build a strong relationship with your customers and align your narrative with the brand values. Additionally, creating content that helps your audience is a great way to improve your content marketing efforts.

When it comes to storytelling in marketing, being authentic and relatable will help you stand out from the crowd. Even if you’re not an experienced writer, if you have a great story to tell or a fascinating subject at hand, you’ll be able to connect with people who share your interests.

If you’ve already been creating blog posts or writing copy for your site, look for ways to repurpose these materials into stories. You may find that certain pieces of content lend themselves to storytelling in new and interesting ways. Also consider optimizing the content for sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which can help drive more engagement with readers online.

Ultimately though there are no hard rules when it comes down what makes good story telling so experiment away!


The importance of storytelling for content marketing can’t be overstated. It’s one of the best ways to connect with your audience and spread your message.

But remember, storytelling isn’t just about telling stories. You need to tell stories that people can relate to and you need to use the right tone in your content.

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