Go Beyond Demos and Get a Ready Made Wordpress Site!

Adopt the most affordable online business strategy and become an online business owner in less than 24 Hours!

Go Beyond Demos and Get a Ready Made Wordpress Site!

Our Wordpress starter sites are not theme demos neither do they require a traditional Wordpress theme to function, every aspect of our starter sites was built using Elementor’s theme building functionalities. This means you will no longer have to worry about paying for a theme or go through the headaches of customization.

Our starter sites comes pre-configured with:

Our starter sites comes pre-configured with:

Easy Brezy!

Just buy a hosting plan and domain name and we will transfer all the design to you, so you can start using your site right away! We only charge you for the design and not the plugins we use (since all Wordpress plugins are open source and licensed under GPL, we do not require any special permission to use them since we are only selling the design and not the plugins)

Our Approach

Our service can be likened to us providing you with an already built house, fully furnished without you having to acquire a land and building from scratch. In this case, your site have been pre-furnished with all that’s required you only have to decide which domain name to use for your site (e.g. mysite.com) and a hosting account where your website files will be stored.

So here's how it works

At RareConcept Solution we’ve already done the heavy lifting by building and designing ready-made e-commerce websites, online learning platforms and blogs for individuals like you who can’t afford the cost of hiring a developer or pay for the services of an online website builder.


Fist Step

You need to buy a domain name (name/address of your site such as mywebsite.com) and a hosting plan where your files will be stored online


Second Step

Once you’ve done that, we will then transfer the already built site to your hosting account and connect it to your website name.


Third Step

Once we are done with this, we will send you the login details and then teach you how to use your site (you don’t require any technical knowledge to use your website). 

Our Current List of Ready Made Sites Available for Sale!

E-learnling Site

An online learning platform that you can own and use for any tutorial related purpose. Be it cooking tutorials, online school and more.

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Blogging Platform

A complete starter blog that you can use for any purpose. Be it news, personal or any other purpose.

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Podcasting Website

A podcasting site where you can host anything ranging from music, shows and others in audio format for people to listen to from anywhere!

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Digital Download Site

An eCommerce site specifically designed for selling any type of digital/downloadable product to your customers! Be it ebooks, videos, softwares and more.

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