So what are you going to be getting in this starter site?

A podcasting site where you can host anything ranging from music, shows and others in audio format for people to listen to from anywhere!

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How it Works

A podcasting platform you can truly call your own! where you can talk about any type of content you so choose.

What You Will Get

Admin Dashboard

A non technical user friendly administrative dashboard where you can manage your podcasts, see where visitors are from, see which podcast people liked the most needed and much more.

Complete Starter Guide

Detailed tutorial on how to add podcast, and other information you need to know. Note! You do not require any special knowledge to be able to use your site

#1 Adsense Monetization

You can monetize your podcasting site, via adsense so you make money from your site traffic.

#2 Third Party Affiliate Links

You can sign up as an affiliate on third party platforms and promote your affiliate links through your site and get paid every time you refer someone.

#3 Get Paid to Advertise Businesses

When your podcast starts to gain grounds, many businesses will be willing to pay you, so can help talk about their business on your podcast

#4 Build a Name for Yourself

With time, if stay long enough podcasting, you will gain people's trust and become an authority & a reliable source of information

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