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The 7 Commandments Of Marketing

The 7 Commandments Of Marketing


Marketing is about creating a connection between you and your customer. You want to be the brand that the customer feels like they have a personal relationship with. That’s why we’ve created this list of seven commandments for successful marketing strategies, which have stood the test of time and will continue to help your business grow no matter what changes in technology or culture.

Listed Below Are The 7 Commandments Of Marketing

1. Thou Shalt Not Fear To Compete

So, you read the first commandment and you stopped reading because you think it doesn’t apply to your business. You’re sure that’s true because, well, you have no competitors. No one else is doing what you’re doing! But if that’s the case. why is anyone buying from you? If no one else is selling what your company is selling then there’s a reason for that: no one wants to buy it!

But there are always competitors in some form or another. Maybe they aren’t offering exactly what your customers want, but they’re close enough. And maybe they don’t offer it at the same price point as you do, but they come close enough. The thing about competition is that it comes in many shapes and sizes. Even if someone isn’t currently selling something identical to what your customers want, that doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t still shopping around before making a purchase decision. Even if someone isn’t directly competing with your business now, there’s nothing stopping them from starting up their own version of whatever it is your company does. Trust me on this everyone has competition of some sort and at some level!

2. Thou Shalt Create Unique Experiences

As a marketer, you probably know that the customer is the most important part of your business. If no one buys anything from you, then you won’t have any money to pay for rent or employees. You get it!

That’s why many businesses are focused on creating unique experiences for their customers. They want to make sure that customers feel respected and appreciated, so they invite them in to take a tour of their factory (it’s more fun than it sounds!), they design restaurants with unique themes and food, they give birthday coupons away in exchange for email addresses, etc. All of these are great ways to create memories for customers and make potential buyers into regular clients.

There are other benefits to creating unique experiences as well: It gives you an opportunity to show off your product or service without spending extra money on advertising (which is expensive), it helps build trust between your business and its clients (since people like doing business with people they trust), and it builds a sense of community around your brand something that every company should strive for!

3. Thou Shalt Always Leave Them Wanting More

Thou shalt always leave them wanting more. According to the legendary marketing guru Seth Godin, this is a simple but important concept that should be foundational to all your marketing efforts. He defines it as, “leaving room for the customer to ask for what they need.” In his book The Dip, he talks about how one of his readers was confused by a marketing message: “The reason our prices are lower than those of our competitors is that we’re better at everything!” 

A customer wants to be told something like: “We’re more reliable than our competitors,” or even, “We’re more determined than our competitors,” not “Our prices are low because we’re better at everything.” Does that sound absurd? It’s absurd because what it really means is: Our prices are low because we don’t have any competition. There’s no room for customers to ask for something different from what you do – and there’s no point in giving them that opportunity!

4. Thou Shalt Be Honest With Thy Customers

When you’re honest with people, you develop trust. If your customers trust you, they’ll probably buy from you. So how do we build trust?

  • It’s important to be genuine and authentic in your marketing strategy. Develop an honest relationship with your customers by being yourself.
  • Demonstrate that your company is trustworthy by using reviews, testimonials, and social proof in your marketing content. Be transparent about who is behind the brand and what their story is.

5. Thou Shalt Keep Thy Promises To Thy Customers

There’s nothing worse than promising something to a customer and then not delivering. Keeping your promises shows them that you are reliable and trustworthy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make sure that the entire team is able to keep your promises by training them properly.
  • If a mistake is made, deal with it quickly so that you don’t ruin the customer relationship.

6. Thou Shalt Provide Value To Thy Customers Every Moment Of Every Day

For the first rule of marketing, thy shalt provide value to thy customers every moment of every day. Providing value doesn’t just mean selling a good product, it means delivering that product in a manner that’s pleasant and engaging for the customer. Being attentive to customers’ needs and showing empathy are key components of providing value customers need to feel like their business is valued. This can be achieved by offering excellent customer service and creating content that’s useful to customers as well as prospective customers.

7. Thou Shalt Go Above And Beyond For Thy Customers

Thou shalt go above and beyond for thy customers.

Thou shalt show that thou understandest their needs.

Thou shalt give them the finest customer service.

Thou shalt have a positive attitude, even when it is difficult.

Thou shalt strive to be an exemplary customer service agent.

Conclusion: Never forget that even one bad experience can affect your business forever and make marketing your brand a lot harder than necessary

Don’t ever forget that even one bad experience can affect your business forever and make marketing your brand a lot harder than necessary.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your marketing, and don’t be afraid to take a risk as long as you know how to mitigate that risk. You will only succeed if you are willing to fail. Don’t lose sight of the fact that marketing is all about building relationships with people, not just selling products. And don’t stop learning from your mistakes; use each instance of failure as an opportunity for growth.

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